Friday, 2 May 2014

Cornish Hedgeing

Peaking through a cornish hedge at the vistas beyond has got to be a great past-time.
From the campsite field you can see across farmland towards Trencrom Hill and on a clear day you can see Hayle Towans. Today is not a clear day, the early morning cloud is lingering but I still love creating the glimpses and I love the greeness of the english countryside.
Our campsite paddock hedge, unfortunately has seen better days, it has fallen away in places and brambles and blackthorn have taken over and pushed parts of the wall down rather than binding them together.
But, there are also pretty pink campions and foxgloves, nettles and ivy creating a network of hedge and wildlife cover. Ultimately though, it could do with a rebuild.

When the equine 'mowers' are in action, I put an electric tape fence along the top of the hedge, to ensure the ponies don't think the grass is greener on the other side and hop over. Trouble is the posts and tape highlight the undulations of the hedge and highlight its disrepair. Looks like a dragon's back!
Perhaps if there are any able cornish hedgers out there reading this, they'd get in touch and aid it's recovery.
Whatever the mowing-machine in use, it will require emptying and when the ponies are in the campsite paddock, that means I am to be found with wheelbarrow and bucket on a daily or twice daily ritual, keeping the paddock clean for future campers and their tents.
Other hedgerows on the site are fighting back and the osteospermum I planted in the reservoir garden hedge is mixing with the campions and looking very pretty. There are some pinks in a pot waiting for a home too.
And the honeysuckle is thriving. Unfortunately the weeds in my succulent beds are also thriving and I need to find time to tackle them into submission.
But, there are so many other little chores to do, in time for opening on May 23rd and I am sure campers won't mind if I garden whilst they camp. As ever we are a work in progress and not as well manicured as a purpose built campsite, but we try our best.

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