Saturday, 24 May 2014

2014 season @ashfarmcampsite

We are open.  Campsite flag is flying.
If I could figure out how to "fly" a twitter widget on blogger, the blog would have twitter button too, but I am not very html literate, so instead all I can do is signpost the reader to @ashfarmcampsite to follow us on twitter.
 Signs are repainted with the new tariff for 2014.
Log bags are ready and waiting to burn for £3 per bag.
Kindling as always is free until it runs out.
Posh compost toilet has had a repainted box, still skyblue but no ditsy flowers this year. Clean and mean!
New shower unit in the outdoor shower. I love having a shower late at night under the stars...who's going to be first to try it out?
The corner box in the changing-room has been varnished this year.
Mats and cushions still add colour to the changing-room.
And we have added a small lending-library bookshelf, for use whilst staying with us, particularly favouring cornish settings or authors on the 'girly' shelf. And we can thoroughly recommend St Ives Bookseller, Fore St, St Ives for buying your own copies should you get entangled in a story (also on twitter @stivesbooks).
The @gjwalljoinery man has been out strimming madly to make everything look ready
and the picnic benches are eagerly awaiting campers.
The campsite paddock has been mown by the horses, allowed to recover and is now ready for tents and campervans. As always it is a little uneven, so airbeds or campbeds are recommended (it is a paddock, not a purpose laid lawn for tents, but we still think you can sleep well). And we have a managers' tent this year.
The garden I tried to terrace and plant with succulents and lay paths up to the picnic area, has grown a little wild over the spring, but very pretty with the pink campions alongside the echiums. So for the moment it can remain wild and pretty. I have all summer to weed, to reveal what lays hidden within!

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