Thursday 23 June 2022

We are up and running at Potters Farm

Please join me at

Our cabin, which we are naming The Piggery is ready and waiting for customers. 

And we have already been busy with some dog care for my son's dog Misty. 

No more posting on this page. Happy holidays everyone

Monday 25 April 2022

Suffolk Farm: a new adventure

New adventure for 2022.. in Suffolk!

It is true to say that you never quite know what life is going to throw at you

..or what direction you will be channelled in.
I am sure many will agree with this viewpoint after the last couple of years. However, I do firmly believe that silver linings do exist within grey clouds and we just have to look for them and sometimes create choices if at first none seem to exist.

For myself I have been given the opportunity to almost completely change my life direction in order to allow my youngster to develop his own life at Ashfarm in Cornwall whilst I take on a new adventure in gloriously green Suffolk farmland. 

If you have followed my blog over previous years about our cabins and our campsite and wondered what had happened to the postings, I may in time fill you in - if you are interested - but for the moment I am just going to write about what is going on now and invite you to join my future adventure as I move to a Suffolk farmhouse and provide self contained accommodation in a comfortable cabin amidst beautiful Suffolk farmland 

with miles of interlinking footpaths,

quiet lanes, 

bridleways and byways for visitors to walk and cycle along.

There will be some old friends and new to meet. The dogs have moved with me, Rowan the labrador and Quad the kelpie

and Jeffery my elderly thoroughbred is with me. I lost my arab soon after I moved to Leicestershire and little Oscar shetland moved to a new home before I left Cornwall.

It is too early to post photos of Suffolk (crossing our fingers for a mid-May move) but in the betwixt time I have been in Leicestershire for 7 months and I have lots of photos from here as I have found new rides and dog walks across green fields with a bit or urban riding en route!

There will be a new blog page to access once we have moved and I will add a link from this blog.

In the mean time, welcome back, lovely to be writing again and nice to have you along for the adventure!

Thursday 16 April 2020

Changes 2020

Welcome to 2020 and changes are afoot at Ashfarm.
We are no longer offering camping, but are running as a smallholding with Zwartble and Portland sheep, which breed a wonderful 'Portable' meat when crossed.
Our horses, rather than worldwide health issues led the decision to not run as a campsite this year, but it has given my son Dominic - who is studying a Level 3 Diploma in Agricultural Engineering at Bicton College - the opportunity to develop himself as an agricultural engineer.

Best wishes and good health to everyone reading.

Saturday 22 June 2019

Land‘s End to John O‘Groats

Walking, cycling, motorcycling or driving, we are a great campsite for a stopover before you start your journey.
Big enough to accomodate transit vans and paraphernalia but small enough to consolidate and review your individual plans whilst encouraging a personal or team spirit. Our facilities and tranquil garden with outdoor shower, changing-room and compost toilets, help you to focus your mind on the task on the head.
We also love having you to stay and hearing about why you in particular planned the trip.
And Good Luck to all who attempt it!

Tuesday 7 May 2019

A busy month of May

May has been a busy month of preparation for the camping season proper from May 27th, with the odd person googling us and turning up to borrow the campsite early.
First on the list of to-do jobs, was an experimental picnic bench which the men of Ashfarm have put together.  It is prototype and another is in the offing with a adaption to the seat and table, to make them more cost effective, although the frame is a winner.
Since new fronds are showing on the Treeferns and the threat of snow and frost now seems to be past us, they have been unwrapped from their woolly jumpers.
The kelpie and I went for a training session near Salisbury to hone our sheep herding skills. Here we are in action! Many thanks to Kevin Reeves from Lyndhurst Kelpies for his support and training.....we will be back!
The shower unit came out of winter storage and was put back in the shower cubical, so we thought it a good excuse to wash the dogs - well volunteered Dom - not sure Rowan is really enjoying it, but she did smell fresh as a daisy afterwards.
And the sheep got brought into the sheep shed to be checked over and to await shearing.
And Keith arrived to remove their fleeces and improve their comfort and wellbeing, now the warmer weather is with us and before the flies can strike.
The Portlands always have such oversized heads when they have been shorn, but it emphasises their lovely caramel coloured legs and faces and paler bodies. And the zwartbles look even more like goats than when they have their full fleeces....but they aren't, they are sheep!
Another family member joined the Airbnb club, renting out a room in her Dartmoor cottage. Look her up on Airbnb:  Homely relaxed cottage near NT Lydford Gorge.
Perfect for anyone visiting Lydford Gorge or cycling the Granite Way Route 27 which goes right past the cottage
or hiking on Dartmoor
Back in Ludgvan, the Magnolia has come into flower, why do the crows want to knock the flower heads off? I have moved a noisy wind chime beside the tree, to try and deter the birds.....
and the Treeferns seem to be coping without their winter jackets,
all except one. This one did not like the frost and snow last spring and never sent up fronds in the summer, but I have left her in the ground and protected her over the winter, hoping some sort of regeneration might happen. There are now some fronds coming up from the ground, which I would love to believe were Treefern fronds but I suspect are not.

And down at the end of our fields our young Horsefield Wood trees are budding and leaves are uncurling. The footpath from Ludgvan to Manwhidden goes through the young wood and there is a bench for resting on. It is a peaceful place to sojourn and if you are camping with us this year, we would recommend a short walk to visit.
And no blog would be complete without a small hello from the horses.... who have been mowing a track between the trees for me! Morning boys!
With the weather turning decidedly springlike, the odd campervan has turned up amidst our preparations and we have had some bookings for the camping cabin too. The real camping season starts on 27th May but if you are in the area, you can always phone and see if we can accomodate you. The summer is almost upon us!

Thursday 11 April 2019

Lambing and Tractor Shed

Over the winter we have been busy building the Lambing and Tractor Shed. It is finally finished and in use!

For those who camped with us in 2018 you will remember this space
Well, as soon as camping was over and we could make the site “untidy”, fashioning the space continued and over time, the shed has grown.

Sheep have grown too. We had ewes pregnant and they have been able to use new shed, instead of ousting the horses from their shelter.

We have 7 black 'Portable' lambs - so named because of the crossbreeding Portland with Zwartble - and at present they are frolicking in the paddock next to campsite.
The sheep have been grazing over the winter in the adjacent agapanthus field and doing a grand job of mowing, weeding and fertilizing! How symbiotic is that? So if there is a bumper crop of flowers this year we know who to blame.
And we are partially open for Easter, just the Camping Cabin and one camping pitch.
Roll on summer!