Monday, 16 June 2014

Cortaderia for lunch

So, having opened the campsite and had our first trickle of campers, we have been able to spend a bit more time in the reservoir garden, taming the terraces. This, naturally also means spending some time in garden centres, looking for plants to fill the gaps and make it more difficult for the weeds to regrow. A favourite venue for plant shopping, is Gulval Plant and Herb Nursery, who have this fine agave specimen growing at their gateway. Couldn't resist taking a snap of it ...not sure which agave it is, but I want one!
Not quite so impressive, but nevertheless a flower, is my magnolia bloom. Have managed to fail at growing a magnolia tree twice already, so hopefully third time lucky! Big thankyou to my "Auntie Jimmie" for this one...lovely gift from her.
Less successful has been the cortaderia or pampas grass, that was looking really nice and growing well, up to 1 metre high, but then I let the horses into the campsite paddock to mow and one of them "ate it"! I think it will regrow, but it looks horribly sad for campers at the moment.
And here is the innocent looking equine who ate it - if he wasn't my favourite equine I would be very, very cross with him.

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