Sunday, 20 April 2014

April update and easter wishes

The tree fern seems to have survived both the transplant and the winter. New fiddleheads peeped out at the beginning of the month
and with the warm sunshine last week they have unfurled into green feathery fronds for all to see and I have unwrapped the trunk, watered and sprayed and I think it is looking alright.
Have wanted a Phoenix Palm for ages, I love the architecture of the pineapple shaped base of the date palm when they are mature, but cannot afford the well grown ones, which seem to come with a £250+ pricetag. So have been looking out for a reasonable priced small one. Searched high and low last week and finally tracked one down in a favourite local garden centre (should have looked there first really) - Hardy's Exotics - Have repotted for the moment, but left it in a pot, since I am not completely sure where it will "live" and don't want to plant out only to regret its placement.
The funny part of the story is, that, having popped into another larger store with an orange logo this week to pick up some lobelia for tubs and pots, there were millions of date palms for sale in varying sizes!! Never mind, happy to have supported the local business.
The new chickens have started laying prolifically and found some new hidey holes to nest in and managed to lay a golf ball and a plastic boule!
The go-kart has had to be adapted to allow for egg collection and transport back to the cottage, fits perfectly 2 half dozen egg boxes and a couple of goose eggs.
The egg box holder also has a ring attachment for the puppy, so she can trot along behind the cart.
The go-kart is not just a workhorse though, it is also for zooming down the lane, watching out for traffic and ruining the soles of any shoes or boots being warn in order to apply brakes!
The grass has started to grow in the reservoir garden, as have the hydrangeas I have transplanted. Not so the bay branches, which I stuck in to make a hedge, on the off chance they would grow. Dead as the dodo. However, maybe in the winter I will plant some bare root plants. Bay is great for starting campfires, so it would be a preference hedge, rather than beech, despite the fact I love and covet a Devon beech hedge.
Dom isn't the only one having fun though. James has had his slack line out for a trial run, although if you look carefully you can idenify the "washing line" used as a training tool!
Although the sun has been out and I have managed a little gardening at Ash Farm campsite, I have also had to spend quite a lot of time in the cottage garden at home and paint the outside of the cottage whilst the whether held. However, in the reservoir garden the grass has been strimmed and in the campsite paddock the ponies have been let in to graze and mow for me in preparation for opening on May 23rd. 
And today, a gift from heaven on easter sunday, some rain to make all the planting grow. Wonderful. Rain also gives me the excuse to stay in with some chocolate and a couple of movies. Lovely.
Happy Easter all.

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