Monday, 10 March 2014

Where has the sand dune gone?

Four days without any rain. Bliss. Ground is really drying out too and boys got down on the beach at the weekend with their boards and winter wet suits on. They stayed in the water much longer than I had anticipated, although if I am honest I was still sat on the beach with softshell, bodywarmer and wellies it isn't quite summer yet.
Someone had stolen the sand dune we usually run down at Mexico too! From the top it looked completely normal.
But half way down, it was as if a knife had sliced into it and cut it all away, amazing.

None of the rocks usually show at all , it is a straight, steep, but soft, sandy run down and onto the beach.....not so at the moment.
Still, it was wonderful to bask in the warmth of the sun, even if only on your face and to be down on the beach and "feel" that promise of summer, just aroung the corner.

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