Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Summer is a coming

July really feels like summer is a coming - despite several mizzly days this week - but the rain makes us green and makes the grass grow and the grass is definately growing.
In the old reservoir garden the weeds are also growing and I have been trying to limit their multiplication so they don't swamp the flowers and hedges I have planted. Bought myself a new toy to help with the gardening and ensure a cup of tea on the campsite, an Mkettle. Brilliant invention. Took a little time to get the knack to light but once lit it was fab and boiled in 6 minutes or so and made two fab cups of coffee.
The campsite itself has been host to a steady trickle of campers and tents
and campervans
and a very gorgeous bell tent popped up, although I never managed to remember to take a photo in the sunshine! 
There have been some lovely reviews, many thanks for those. They can be found on our 2015 Reviews and Comments page.
The campfire has been is use by campers and not to be outdone, we used another of our new toys, a Ronnie Sunshine Dutch Oven, which we bought for a tentover and birthday party end of April and then illness and inclement weather conspired to spoil the birthday celebration and the oven has been waiting for the right evening to enjoy its first outing. There came a point where I could wait no more and a lamb casserole was thrown together which turned out rather well as an alfresco meal.
And since the warmer days do seem to be coming, I invested in an olive tree. I have been hankering after one for ages, so I have taken the plunge and repotted with a cocktail of horse and pig manure compost, which I hope it appreciates. Eventually it will go in the ground, but initially, since I am not sure where in the garden it will grow best, I have left it in a pot, but a bigger pot, to allow me some versatility and flexibility.
We have a new flag at the roadside this year, much brighter than its predecessor, but with our little white arabian horse logo. Amazing how, even though when the wind is blowing the flag around and it reads as a mirror image, ones brain is able to compute it says "camping", clever old thing our brain!
And talking of clever old things, Dom's new hens have been busily laying for the last few weeks and he is making quite a profit from his egg production business. Lovely brown eggs and deep golden yolks £1.50 per half a dozen, so bring your pennies and pounds to try them yourself when you camp.

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