Saturday, 25 July 2015

Multinational camping

Wow it was like looking for field mushrooms - which we are also doing at the moment and enjoying campsite grown fungi -
Often when you first start looking for mushrooms, you cannot see any and then they pop into view all over the place. Once you "get your eye in" you can see them everywhere. It was the same with tents, first there were only 2 tents in the campsite paddock, then 6, then a campervan arrived and then two more campers emerged from a tent in the morning, suddenly we were virtually full - 14 campers. 
And multinational too, campers from the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Holland with a couple of Brits thrown in for good measure. Great seeing everyone enjoying themselves, cooking at the campfire or on makeshift BBQ stoves, sharing music and chatter and perhaps a lubrication or two. Absolutely perfect camping.
Good luck to Paul walking all the way to John O'Groats for Dementia Adventure. We donated his 'campsite tariff and egg money' to this worthy cause. It would be great if other campsites where he stays would do the same. If any readers want to donate, the link is
We have been busy at the campsite, the beech hedglets needed weeding and the kindling pile has been moved from underneath the red oak tree, to alongside the campfire log store. Logs have been chopped into sticks to make up campfire log bags, with some small sticks and some bigger logs in the same bag, to make firelighting easy for campers.
The 'team' have been building a compost toilet mark two, which is sited next to the original compost loo, to increase our 'facilities' and improve campers comfort.
The campfire stone surround was almost hidden by clover and grass, so that has been weeded and cleared today in readiness for a bit of bonfiring to prepare the campfire for a busy August.
And just to prove that tents come in all shapes and sizes, look at this little beauty.

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