Friday, 14 November 2014

November 'hedgelets'

November brought us hedging plants, fagus sylvatica, beech to you and me, to plant along the reservoir garden hedge, to the side of the shower. The hope is that once established, a beech hedge will add a little more shelter to the tree ferns and date palm than the brambles and nettles have afforded over the last 12 months. Beech reminds me of Devon field hedges too and I love their foliage.
At the moment the bare root hedging just looks like twigs with a few leaves, 'hedgelets' we have nicknamed them. They have certainly been well watered-in over the last week, due to our inclement cornish weather!
Not that every day has been a rainy day, I have managed to squeeze in the odd sunny ride - just to check out the local horticultural crops and gardens, to compare how they are looking next to our wee site - all necessary research. As always, could not resist a #throughtheearsofahorse photoshot (look out for these in our campsite tweets)
And looking at ways to promote the campsite and ensure a trickle of campsite income I have been tapping into the art-and-craft side of my character and trying to emulate the campsite slate signage, which our campers find so appealing, to create some christmas decorations. I hope the ditsy christmas baubel-pebbles will appeal to those of you who would like a nostalgic ash farm "summer memory" to hang on your christmas tree this festive season.
Look out for the Christmas Decoration 'post' coming soon with more pictures, prices and how to order.

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