Saturday, 11 October 2014

Enjoying a drop of October sunshine

Have spent some time in the reservoir garden today and transplanted new phormiums from another 'home'.
Had to trim the leaves down, so they look a little worse for wear at the moment, but hopefully a drop of October sunshine and a little cornish rain will settle them into the ground and they will look lovely in time for next season.
Some plants seem to do better, the less I fuss over them, for instance, my Acanthus mollis which is lovingly known as Bear's breeches (how could I not have a plant with such a fab name in my garden) is in flower and growing along nicely now, yet when I tried to nurture it, it did very little.
Much of the garden is looking in dire need of some attention - the weeds, as always, are trying to reclaim the paths and flowerbeds - and that wretched bind weed from the field next door is persistent with its attempt to strangle one of my hydrangas with its tendriles. Have spent some time today clearing it, amidst murderous mutterings from me. But pockets of the garden are still looking lovely.
All work in the garden and no play makes a campsite owner very dull though, so I have also taken time out this week, to play with the little white horse on the beach and in the sea. 
Love messing about on the beach with my little white horse, paddling through shallow pools and out into the surf with him. Spotted, what I thought initially was an old wooden pier, but having taken a photo, I have been reliably informed it is part of the hull of a shipwrecked boat.  Have never noticed it before, despite all the years of rummaging in the rockpools on the beach here. Perhaps the recent storms uncovered it?

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