Monday, 1 July 2013


Mazey Day last saturday. (

I love Golowan and the processions, the carnival effigies, the colours and noise, the dancing, the beat of all the music, especially the Samba Band, the stalls and the Mazey special offers in the shops, fab! Came home with yummy olives, arty cards and cushions and a blanket for the Old Water Shed.

 Am really happy with this space. It has been transformed from the concrete block shell that it was when we took over as custodians of the land - no door or window left in the structure and with ivy hanging so far over the doorway you had to duck to enter - into a very pretty and comfortable changing-room, with mirrors, a corner-bench (now with pretty cushions) a daisy-glass window and glazed door. Chuffed!

Although spoilt by the continuous sunny days at the beginning of June we have had some wet days since, but with some sunny spells to remind us summer is here! Our campers, seem to have managed to dodge most of the showers though, sleeping through the misty nights and making the most of the scenic walks, coastal paths and taking time to investigate the bookshops and art galleries on the days that were a bit "iffy" weather wise. And we have been treated to a huge moon for the last few days. Big bonus of no electricity at the campsite is that on clear nights, the stars and moon can be seen at their best.

Our new copper black hens have just started laying, incredibly dark brown eggs. Unfortunately the chickens no longer roam the wooded glade, we have had to protect them from Mr Reynard with a 7ft high fenced pen, adjacent to our campsite paddock. Not so picture-perfect to look at, but at least they are safe. And campers can still hear them clucking and chatting away with the geese and 'congratulating' themselves after laying their eggs.

And the puppy, Rowan, is growing and learning to be obediant, although her razor sharp teeth have turned my son's hoodies and T-shirts into cotton colanders! But a puppy always raises the "aahh" response with anybody doggy orientated who camps with us (don't worry though, for those not doggy orientated we keep her on a lead and out the way) and for those visitors who camped with us last year and loved our Large Black pigs,  I am afraid she is the nearest we are getting to a "black piglet" this summer on the farm!

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