Thursday, 6 June 2013

A fantastic start to the 2013 season

Well the campsite is open and what a fantastic first week. The weather has been superb.  We have had seven continuous days of blue skies, sunshine and warmth, allowing for evening meals al fresco, sunny days on the beach and exploring St Michael's Mount. The first tents have arrived and we have been busy with our own "home-grown" family testing out our facilities - look out for their review, to see what they think.

A deadline always works well for us, so it was all-steam -ahead in the last few weeks to make up for lost time. The winter weather delayed our plans, with it being too wet to get the the new water pipe put into the wooded glade and resite and improve the shower, but it is all done now and the end result we are rather proud of.

We now have our posh compost toilet and the hot outdoor shower adjacent to each other.  There is a second mains water tap and sink, with one in the campsite padddock and one by the shower. And the Old Water Shed has morphed into a family sized changing-room. It does still need tiles on the floor and some more furniture, but it is very functional as it is and lovely to be able to shower under a leafy canopy and then step into a warm room to dry and dress.
There is new grass seed spread over the reclaimed areas and we look forward to this 'greening' up as the summer progresses. To protect these areas a little, a new gravel path guides you from our washing and changing facililities back into the campsite paddock.
There is a new gate, so you can walk between the campsite paddock and the wooded glade more easily. The picnic area is still there with a view of the Mount over the village rooftops and church tower (that view is captured in an earlier blog).  And ofcourse the campsite paddock itself, which is much as it was last year, minus the pigs, with their pig-pen now reclaimed and growing new grass.
We have had our first barbeques and camp fires...forgot the marshmallows though!
And our Beach Fun Run was also a great success, with 42 children running their hearts out and collection their medals on the beach at Marazion.
So, we are all set for a summer season and ready to meet and great our campers, with lots more blogs to come.

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