Thursday, 13 July 2017

Golowan and Mazey Day 24th June

The month of June brought a couple of 'pop-up' campers, just dropping in, either hot and weary and looking for a shower and a quiet campsite, or looking for the beautiful agapanthus' fields that border us.
Despite not really being open until July, we have not turned them away, we love 'providing' for weary travellers!
And an email from some hopeful campers who stayed with us last year and once again were visiting Cornwall for Mazey Day prompted us to open for part of the Golowan week.....what a good idea!

Love Mazey Day, with its giant sculptures and bands and market stalls and music on every street corner and food galore! Perfect. And this year was no exception.
June also indulged me in a little tourist tripping..... I visited the Tate in St Ives and loved their present display of pottery and ceramics

That Continuous Thing: Artists and the Ceramics Studio, 1920 – Today

and surprised myself by finding a "WOW" factor in the ocean facing gallery with

Jessica Warboys
large scale tip though, would be to enter the gallery the opposite way to how you are signposted, for the wow factor.
Another wow factor, but more of a slow-mo WO-OW was visiting the Barbara Hepworth Museum.
It was my first time visiting and I immediately asked myself the question "how I had not managed to visited before?" What a tranquil space. Both the garden itself and the combination of garden and sculptures are just a delight to dally in. It was a beautiful sunny day when I visited and had I not been hungry and in need of some scrumptious St Ives food, I could have stayed there all day!

I am not sure what Barbara intended with these sculptures, but they remind me so much of the Merry Maidens and the Piper stones.

Here are the real Merry Maidens, dancing on the Sabbath.

The sunshine in June was unparallelled, it was hot and blue and sunny and impossible not to spend some time on the beaches, here are some of my favourite pictures from Pednavounder, across to Porthcurno

and across to Logan Rock
and from the coastal path above Treen beach

Even treated myself to some cliff walks, past Porthchapel beach
and along the headland

It has been a lovely month to remind myself how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful part of Cornwall and the UK, but if walking is not really your 'thing', there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the cornish coast and countryside, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, cycling whether road or mountain biking and motorbiking ofcourse, the north coast road from St Ives to St Just and beyond is just awesome. And ofcourse there is horseriding! Our campsite has a very local riding stables, as seen through-the-ears-of-a-horse, just a short ride or car journey along the lane to Tremenheere.
At home, we have been tending our sheep and poultry....the garden is still a little wild, but is on my agenda for August and I managed to catch a family of pheasants, including a chick, if you look closely enough, benefiting from the chicken corn!
A good month and a good omen for the rest of the summer I believe. Bookings are beginning to fill our pages in the campsite diary and we are getting excited about meeting new and returning campers, so let me welcome you to Cornwall. See you soon!

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