Sunday, 6 March 2016

A slightly late February post

Apologies for a slightly late February post. Although I realise it is not compulsory to portray only positives in the ashfarm blog, I try not to be negative in my musings, especially not about the weather, who wants to feel down-in-the-dumps by visiting our blog or our campsite!  And we live and work in such a beautiful place!
I have really struggled this month though and have kept waiting and waiting to snap some sunny pictures to share. I seem to have either been working in the 'day-job' on the nice sunny days, or the weather has closed in, when I have finally got around to thinking about photos for the blog, whilst the 'day-job' is managing without me.
I always claim to campsite visitors, that this land I live in and particularly this cornish land I live in, is only such a 'green and pleasant land' because of the rain. So rain is mostly positive, it makes our grassland lush, nevertheless, a wee drop of sunshine on a day I can enjoy it, helps with the lushness and would also be very pleasing to my eye.
The weather has given me the excuse to visit my favourite bookshop in St Ives though and have that extra cup of tea, curl up on the sofa by the Aga and get absorbed into a couple of really good-reads this month. One was a children's book, Sally Gardner The Door that led to Where, a young teen book, but so very enthralling, reminded me of Deborah Harkness and A Discovery of Witches' trilogy and Jennifer Donnelly's Tea Rose trilogy.
Do I care that I am reading teen fiction? I don't think so.  It was a wonderful book. The 12 year old egg entrepeneur thought so too.
The other good-read, was Jessie Burton's The Miniaturist, which again I could not put down. Absolutely absorbing. I do like a little 'magic' in my books and if there is a whisper of a witch in there too, even better!
A few dry days allowed us to get some tidying-up done at the campsite. The boys got to sharpen their axes, sat on the bench in the sun, ready for splitting logs and to spend a short while fooling around with the shetland.
And the chickens and ponies all got to enjoy some lush grass in the campsite paddock instead of their muddy and barren field and we had a couple of silly selfies with the dog!
One of the delights at this time of year though, is planning ahead for the camping season and allowing the imagination to run wild, with ideas about what one wants to happen.......they won't all come to fruition........and many of them change shape as quickly as they formulate in the mind, but it is nevertheless fun to ruminate over the different opportunities and possibilities.And ideas and plans require neither sun, nor rain, just an element of peace.

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