Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Wishes 2015

Christmas wishes from Ashfarm Campsite and some pictures of the campsite on Christmas Eve.

Our autumn and winter thus far have been particularly wet and windy and to enjoy the sunshine one has had to get out QUICK into it!

But broom always brings that lovely coconut smell and the golden sunshine colour

and the delicate flowers of a strawberry plant are a bonus.

Much of our plantlife is uncharacteristically still flowering, although many of the succulents always do well at this time of year. Purple Hebe.

And a mild December has suited the treefern and the olive tree, both are looking healthy despite the wind and wild rain this season.

 My small succulent bed around the old reservoir grate still looks pretty, in long winter shadows.

Hedgerow succulents

and pennywort hang on.

The #eggentrepeneur has continued to sell his eggs to our villagers, although the chickens produce fewer eggs in the winter with reduced daylight hours and we have also sold some of our pork.

So, christmas is upon us and we wish you all a very merry one and leave you with a festive picture..

and a view from the end of our driveway in winter sunshine. x

                                                          "Best Wishes"

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