Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year

Christmas seems to have come and gone very quickly this year and now the new year is upon us. Our first frost of the year in the campsite, arrived over the festive season
and the water buckets had ice on them for the first time, not quite thick enough to make use of a hockey stick to break the ice - which is a favourite activiy of the 11 year old - but ice nevertheless.
Even the pigs' and gooses muck heap had frost on it. The heap also seems to be growing a yucca.....only in cornwall does one find a yucca in one's muck heap!
 Beautiful blue sky, as the shetland cantered up the field for breakfast
and long winter shadows to play with.
In the reservoir garden it is a sleepy time of year. The weeds have grown up, protecting any succulents below and the plants are left to their own devices. I am surprised by how much is in bloom still. The high winds have blown one of the echiums over which I need to trim, so that it will regrow, but otherwise garden chores are at a minimum.
Looking back on the year at the campsite, it has been a good one, lots of lovely campers. Looking forward to the new year.......a great view and a smiley campfire-storyteller to come back to.
Happy New Year, see you all in 2015!

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