Sunday, 28 September 2014

Autumn is most definately upon us

Autumn is most definately upon us, I am a huge child at heart where autumnal leaves are concerned and swathes of sycamore leaves at the edges of fields and lanes just implore my welly boots to scuff through them and send them flying up in the air.
I have even been known to gather handfuls of these rustling autumn colours, to return to the air, liberating them from their gravitational graveyard, back towards their benefacting branches, to fall once more to the ground.  Purely so I can do it all again!
Our campsite is now closed for the winter, the last of our campers have been and gone.
The ponies will be allowed in to long as they do not eat my plants! There are hedges to plant and weeds to pull up, new plants to go in and any number of projects to explore as possibilities.
Most importantly we need to draw our campsite competition, results will be on a seperate blog post, surfice to say the competion will be drawn on 2nd October, so if you forgot to write in our Visitor's Book but would like to write a review and enter the competition (see July 2014 post), please do so as soon as possible on the uk campsite page

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