Sunday, 20 October 2013


October is my favourite month and this year is no exception. We have been treated to an equal amount of warm weather, rain and some lovely sunshine, which has all contributed to making the grass a lush, lush green again. Perfect for me to play clover horseshoes with.
The balmy october weather has helped the tree fern I transplanted grow three new fronds, somewhat annoyingly I missed photographing the curly fossil-shaped fronds as they first showed, but I am so chuffed I haven't killed it! And although tempted to cut the old brown fronds away, for right or wrong I am leaving them - unsightly as they may be - in order to protect the new ones from the wind and the cooling climate. The eschiums have all taken and are growing well, but then they grow like weeds here anyway, as do all the campions and forget-me-knots and cleavers, which are multiplying at a frightening rate!
But I love the patchwork of colours as the autumn leaves fall and gather under the trees, amidst the pebbles in the outdoor shower and along the paths.  Golds, brunettes, oranges and browns. There's a sleepiness about the campsite, like a cat curled in front of an aga.
Our miner bees seem to have finally hibernated in their new home. I wait with anticipation to see if they emerge in the spring undisturbed by their last minute home-building. (Don't worry I will keep you all informed).
The campsite paddock is again a pony paddock and we have moved the stones from around the campfire, to allow the grass to repair itself. Might position the campfire slightly differently next year, a little further from the gateway entrance.
I have looked at the undulations in the field with a view to making the camping area flatter and more "mown-lawn" like, but my learned farmer-friends tell me this means spraying, ploughing, harrowing and reseeding which means no camping next year. Not really the option I was looking for. So will have to have a rethink. Fortunately most people have air beds to use with their sleeping bags or duvets, so an uneven floor to your tent isn't such a problem.
 The blackberries are ready for picking on the hedgerows and we have King Byerd, Cornish Mother and Quennie apples in the orchard, to combine into a delicious blackberry and apple crumble.
October also means that the schools are back, which means the house stays cleaner longer and their are more "me" hours, which in turn means more time to horseride. Have had some lovely rides up over Castlegate, through the heather down to the heathland, with views to both north and south coasts, St Ives and Godrevy over to my left, St Michael's Mount and Mousehole on my right.  Herrlech!

Surflifesaving club has finished its sessions on the beach in preference for swim training in an indoor pool. Took the dogs down to the beach for the last session and introduced puppy to the sea, not sure she enjoyed her swim as much as we had expected.
But the old collie had a great time, gambolling along the beach, following my eldest son, swimming parallel to the coast, which was a complete surprise to us!

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