Thursday, 15 August 2013

August - Fogou season

I cannot believe that we are already into August. The summer has gone so quickly and we are already half way through the school holidays. We have had a couple of tentovers, one required us to take shelter in the Old Water Shed in order to eat out of the in the rain is much more difficult than on a sunny day and eating in the rain, even more difficult and a lot less fun. Might have to think of a resolution to this "eating on a damp day" conundrum for next season. But the kids seemed to have fun despite the drizzle and the sunny spells often come at the end of the day anyway, just in time to light a campfire.
Years ago when I first moved to west cornwall and started visiting ancient sites down here, such as Lanyon Quoit and the fogou at Carn Euny, we got absolutely drowned one day in a torrential downpour that seemed to arrive out of nowhere with an august sky that changed from bright blue to grey and full of rainclouds in the blink of an eye. Since that day our family has called such downpours "fogou days" and since they often happen in august, august has become "fogou season" in our vocabulary.
It's the rain that makes our county green though and a little inclement weather gives the parched grass time to recover and helps some of my planting along.  It also provides the opportunity for me to get down to the beach for a gallop in the rain on a fairly deserted bit of seashore. Thanks to an onlooker who snapped a rare photo of us having fun on one such wet day!
A couple of new signs have gone up. One is to signpost the "Old reservoir".  The reservoir is no longer in use, but we love people to have a nose and look at the fab arched red brick ceiling and have a go at creating an "echo" over the rounded doorway, but we also need to keep people safe, so, as suggested by some young lady campers we have now signposted the "Old Reservoir" to make sure people realise it is a deep dark space and the door is locked to ensure their safety.
We also have a new sign for the campsite itself, incorporating a horsey logo and our blog address on a sailflag to catch the eye and signpost our entrance. I love the way that when the flag is blowing around in the wind, the horse almosts looks like he is galloping.
And we have a new facility on the blog for followers to 'join' and 'connect' with each other, talk about camping with us, or holidaying in cornwall or even how camping in cornwall is similar or different with camping in another country.Since I love a good chin-wag with visitors at the campfire, I am rather excited about this "followers" development and hope people will use it and keep in touch.

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