Monday, 22 April 2013

Slight technical hitch but a what a "backdrop" - no pun intended

Well there was a slight technical hitch on St Patrick's Day when the big brown horse and I had an accident resulting in a trip in our great Cornwall Air Ambulance (a little over excitement turned into a rear and backwards we both went with me underneath.....ouch!)  Thankfully, after 3 weeks mostly in bed, followed by a period of 'hobbling', I am now walking almost normally, have started swimming as therapy and am on the mend.  And the horse, apart from some tight hamstrings, which have been treated by an equine sports therapist, appears unhurt (but as friends have said "he had the softer landing, he landed on you!"). Not quite ready to climb back up yet though!  The cinamatographer in the family managed, despite all the trauma and drama to take both photos and a video with the mobile phone, which illustrates the fantastic "backdrop" of St Michael's Mount.
What I have found, during this period of restricted mobility, is that the seasons have changed and we have definately moved into spring. Rugs have come off the horses .....

and the primroses and daffodils are all coming up in the fields and paddocks and our wooded glade, which has allowed for a vase of golden sunshine in the cottage.

And there are always silver linings in every grey cloud. Not being able to physically do what I usually do, has allowed me instead to indulge in a little light reading and I have discovered some splendid books, A Cat, a Hat and a Piece of String, The Prisoner of Heaven, Foal's Bread, The Man who Forgot his Wife,  The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris and the most recent read, Falling in Honey - which couldn't fail to put one in the right mood for summer - I even managed to finish it in a sunny spot in the garden whilst eating breakfast and having a coffee. What could be better!

This last weekend, as well as moving the hot water shower out of the campsite paddock, to be replaced by a cold water shower beside the tap and sink......but do not fear campers the hot water shower will still be available, but is to be repositioned in the wooded glade alongside a second tap and sink. We also managed to get down to the beach at Hayle, in front of the Surf Lifesaving Club, for the youngest son to have a paddle board. Admittedly he wore a winter rash vest and a winter wetsuit, boots and hat, but he informs me "it wasn't even cold mum!"  It was a glorious, mild and sunny april day.

And what better way to finish a perfect day, but with the first barbeque of the year and a sunset over St Ives.............purrfect! Putting us all in a very optimistic mood for the summer to come...........

 P.S. also got time to develop a new look blog, hope you like it.


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